Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Democratic Way....contd....

Democracy is a sacred concept.  All are equal and all have freedom of expression and protest. Everyone respects the same and welcome a lot all the while.

Hence a nefarious activity is never seen direct else people know that power is being misused….It goes on indirectly....Exploitation and corrupt practices thus continue to exist….

When the misuse continues this way, resentment develops among people and goes on simmering! When it reaches a level and public opinion and the press thus get more attention on the subject, suddenly 
 this activity is withdrawn and people are no more troubled. 

immediately creates in all,  a feeling of great relief and it indirectly gives an impression of better ruling!   People forget the issue soon…. 

After a gap of certain time, the nefarious activity surfaces; the subject may be either old or new!  Thus continue exploitation and corrupt practices….The illegal network en cashes in steps....

And these practices never, never end in the so called democratic rule unless honesty exists to a reasonable extent with the powerful groups!

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