Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Social Behavior....

A social behaviour depicted by the younger generation in the modern society is out of self protective tendency in particular and for maintenance of social order in general.

It is ever dynamic! People experiencing a generation Gap around should always make a note of it.

This particular social behaviour is out of new threats a young individual senses in his/her life….

He/she must

Necessarily interact in the new environment in the society,

Face bravely the new threats that exist and

Accordingly develop a new behavior to protect himself/herself….

And in all these behaviours, 10-20 percent spill over is to be allowed to cater for individual variations….

Then, is it not cruel to straight away to condemn the younger generation when their behaviours appear different?

Let me refrain from doing this and thus respect the new social behaviour and the associated good!

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