Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It is worth doing!

Two young adults were living together in a place for a long time. The life was smooth for both of them and quite interesting. They were almost thick bosom friends. They used to join and do many things together….

One day, one of the friends heard from a well-wisher that everything was ‘Not Ok’ with his bosom friend. To a further question, the well wisher told that his friend was of dubious character. He would speak something but would do another. In fact, he was assessed by the well-wisher as a man of no ethics and of background not worth mentioning.

The young man was sad. He felt miserable at that moment and could not decide anything on what to think or do next…

He suddenly remembered one of his close relatives, an elderly gentleman who was the best advisor in trivial situations of life as he had helped many that way and decided to take his advice in this case.

Accordingly, on one of his holidays, he visited the elderly gentleman, narrated his conflict in that situation and sincerely sought his advice on what to do next!

The elderly man heard him patiently, looked at him and said, “Is there a doubt here in the course of action? A weed is to be removed else its wild growth will spoil the prospective crop! There is no friendship with a man of cheap ethics. It may look hurting him but better this be done earlier. No pardoning and no delay in this decision are recommended.”

To the man looking still not clear, the elderly smiled and told further thus….

“Look! My dear, life may look all right now. The association with this friend in coming days brings in lots of problems for you and for people around you. You should keep friendship with good people. They are real assets. With people of bad ethics and lawlessness category, you run into many problems. The vicious circles encompass so much later and it would be difficult to come out. Sometimes we may be used as pawns if the bad man is powerful. The best thing is by hook or crook; keep off from such friendships. You are safe!”

While departing, the elderly gentleman whispered in his ears, “If required pay some money and get rid of him. No second thoughts are required here…. It is worth doing!”

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