Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let there be no Repentance....

Good people with me are my real assets; no substitute is available for such people in my life…. I generally do not recognize the greatness of these good people till I face one problem with the so called not-so-good person!

I should remember that all good people too have their own personal beliefs independent of their good behaviour. These beliefs vary widely and may not match with those of my own!

When I continuously live or interact with such people, over a period of time, the original goodness is slowly forgotten and the above personal differences are seen more and more…. The famous saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ applies very much!   These differences only propel me to get off quickly from these people or if forced to live together will result in continuous commenting and fighting!

When I am thus forcibly off from such people in mental plane, another set of people do take their place in my psychological world....Such people are never basically the so good people as they have captured an opportunity!  In this way,  I become a pawn in their game and if I look back, it is evident that ultimately I have come away from the best people around me!

Should I not question this voluntary action of mine?

Let me always remember that in life problems do exist, they have got to be resolved, that is why I am here and my time too with me!  Let me never get away from good people in this process!

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