Monday, February 13, 2012

Democratic Ruling....contd....

Two evils in the world continue for ever but never end! One is exploitation of the weak and the second, existence of parallel economy…. Whatever might have been be the measures taken by all Democratic Rulers of the world to end these two, they always co existed with us and continue to do so. Exploitation of the weak and the existence of parallel economy provide basically ease of living and hence they have an indirect acceptance by all who can access the same! So, there is nothing like ending them in the world! All Rulers across the world had tried all the time and are trying their best constantly to free societies from these evils as much as possible and that way no doubt provided better life for many so far!

In this scenario, a good Democratic Ruler and every individual around should not talk of any eradication program but only keep them under check continuously….It is similar to human bodies fighting with external attacks in whatever form continuously thus minimising the dangers of becoming victims of disease and accidents!

So, all promises in this direction by prospective Rulers in a democratic set up should be limited to constantly keeping these evils under check as done in the best way by the earlier Rulers with a tail piece if required, “We will try to do better than them!”…. That is all the limit…. There is no need to promise the moon at any time!

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