Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are we seeing the Excellence around?

A rich man’s son was highly ambitious! He used to rule and control around at his work and in social life…. He felt that a strong ruler is needed for betterment in the world both for self and to the world at large….

An elderly well wisher next to him used to observe him in this attitude constantly.  At one point of time, he strongly felt that it was his duty to convey to the young man the perils of this attitude. Thus he found a right time and after making a few enquiries asked the youngster how the life was going on. The man proudly told that he was able to control everything and thus establish the order!

The gentleman smiled and said, “My dear! It is good you are able to establish an order around you but have you forgotten Mother Nature’s Order in this context?  Presently, around you, the freedom of individual expression is at stake!”

The young man looked at him in doubt….The elderly continued,

“There is ‘Excellence’ around us! This gets exhibited through simple and sincere efforts of individuals living with us interacting 
at various levels in our daily life! 

This quality, if seen in the right time, is a great benefit to the self and to the world.  If not, the individual is the looser and the world for ever loses a chance of getting truly benefitted.

If I suppress this Excellence, through a selfish ruling attitude in the name of establishing order, I am doing ‘NO LESS WRONG’ as I am working against Mother Nature and thus become a hindrance to world betterment.  Are you obsessed with a motto of an achievement in this direction? It is ultimate down fall!  Nature never forgives this behavior!  Please keep off immediately from this attitude and try to associate with such people who are ever upholding this Excellence!”

The young man at this point of time truly understood the serious mistake in his approach!

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