Friday, March 9, 2012

Discipline vs Dedication....

A Boss was not happy with one of his Sub ordinates. The man was not disciplined, used to come late to work more than expected of him and was in the habit of taking leave without information. Further, he was found to be a person that could not be mended easily through any counselling. The Boss felt him as a headache in his Office, except that there was no complaint in his work which was far superior compared to that of his colleagues….

On a certain day, the Boss met an elderly relative who was a dynamic man in his approach and a good Mentor in his active life.   After a brief interlude, he explained the problem in his Office and asked the gentleman an advice in that context.

The elderly listened to all with patience and told the Boss thus, ‘My Dear! I see in you, the same approach that many bosses adapt in dealing such cases. But I advise you to see this man from a different angle. He is, no doubt not disciplined. In fact, others in your Office are not moving with him smoothly. You are thus in a dilemma....   I tell you, please leave the so called imposing discipline on him and give the man an encouragement in other directions.”

The Boss was astonished with this advice and demanded a reason for this. The elderly told thus, “I do not see this man as in disciplined but dedicated! Once, being on work, he does a wonderful job…. No one can beat him in the quality of work and you sure agree to this. He is a special person; I say, a Gem! Such individuals are rare in this world and their disciplines are their own!  We cannot understand why they behave like that, but as I see, he is within the limits not to cause a hindrance or nuisance at work. Since this is ensured, make use of his best skills and interests for your quality work. Follow up through others for timely deliveries and do not put that burden on him. I advise….Never rebuke him on time element.  Nature around us has this type of unpredictable quality and thus wild. But Mother Nature has her own discipline which we cannot understand at our mind levels. There is a Disorder but in this Disorder there is an Order. This gentleman represents that quality and he is useful to the world at large. It is ever our duty to support such individuals and bear with their so called ‘Indiscipline’ as defined by us for our convenience. Please encourage him the best!”

At this point of time, the Boss really got educated through this advice!

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