Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Graceful Living....

I am taking care of my family with my cost, through my work and at my sacrifice” the man said.

The elderly wise man asked, “Have you done one more thing?”

“What is that?” asked the man. 

“Have you taken care the same way of that person who visited you occasionally?” the elderly asked.

“I did not understand what you mean. I always take care of my guests. Further I do not understand the connection between caring for the family and caring for the guest” said the man a little impatiently….

Yes, My Dear! There lies the Key….” said the elderly smiling.  “It is our utmost duty to take care of our families in the right way. ‘Less said and more done’ is the best in this direction.   But we too have to live our life gracefully! That grace appears only when I truly care for another individual other than my family member at least for a short period through a sincere feeling that the other person is as important as my family member for the time I decided to do this activity!   Let the time allotted for this activity as per my convenience be as little as possible. Once I am able to do this, a feeling of oneness pervades in me for the moment and that is the true grace in my life!   Let us experience moments of this life where in my worries really take a back seat.  Don’t you want this?”

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