Friday, April 27, 2012

All changes are for ultimate good only….

“I always dislike the changes that had taken place from our olden days” said an elderly man. “In our times life was in order, there were respect and values everywhere and all were more or less disciplined. That way we were happy. Today’s life may give all glitter and glamour but it lacks essentially the ethnic touch. I feel that we all are losing a sort of identity that was strongly there with us in earlier times. Today I see everywhere short cuts, quick money making, no time to relax, lots of copying and don’t care for tomorrow attitude….”

“I understand your observation” Said the friend with him who was an open minded personality in his life. “But you see, the whole humanity is evolving towards betterment, never towards downfall. That is a reality! In that process of evolving, there are halts where fascination in Nature holds strongly for a while. That fascination explodes into reality where in once again a new movement starts for betterment. This is an Eternal journey in Nature. In this process, individual souls may find their own betterment, evolve in a totally different direction and reach the Ultimate in a faster way! That way life goes on around us!”

While departing the wise man quipped, “Old may be gold but we also lived our lives through the power politics, political games and all related violence. At least, the individual freedom is better now and out of this freedom only one can bring out a real change towards ultimate good. That way we all have truly done our job whereby each individual expresses himself/herself better today compared to earlier times…. Let us wait for the good outcome of this expression!”

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