Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I should continuously correct only myself....

“No one is great; no one is less. All are the same. When interactions do take place between people, we continuously experience pleasantries and unplesantries. Depending on our experiences, we like or dislike people.   Based on this, we decide someone as good and dearer and some other not. That’s how our relations are built….A dearer individual looks great where as the other not!” a man thus was explaining the complexities of human relations.

“My Dear! You have forgotten the most important factor in this context” said an elderly wise man with a smile who was listening to the conversation.

“What is it, sir?”

“A feeling in myself that I am never great; In fact I am not! The primary attention all the while should be on this and only on this…. Once I look at myself that way, all issues with me are straight away taken care. The search in the outside world ends and all corrections in me will start…. That is the only way of developing the right relations in the world with people around!”

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