Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help with a smile is always a welcome....Am I working for it?

I have a body with me! The elements of Nature in time have a powerful influence on it and thus it is subject to modifications continuously. Some of these may not be favourable and a few a pain; an inescapable process in Nature! Thus, let down sometimes is a fact and here there is no choice is for me!

I have my pre-disposed tendencies! Some are original, some are genetics related and the remaining are acquired….They force me to involve in the world, there is no escape and further, the product is a non decaying matter; it follows and never leaves me! This is another fact and no choice here too!

And, the third fact is, ‘I have an action in front of me every moment!’ But here, I have a choice reasonably, an Eternal Gift given by the Almighty to all equally!

I may sell my freedom and become slave in my actions or I may not sell and become a Master of my actions! This choice is always in front of me even though not one hundred percent….Here, I should be alert in doing actions in a realistic way by listening to my basic requirements inside but not yielding beyond and thus be available with left out time and energy ready to help the next man!

And if I start doing thus in better times, the inevitable good that accrues will bring in real help in tougher times, wherein the able bodied stay with me by the side along with their never failing smiles!

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