Monday, August 13, 2012

Living for the Day....

“Master, what is the exact meaning of 'Live for the day'?”

“My dear!  We all have to live for the day as the future truly is unknown. This is the most important aspect in life. But many times, the meaning of this is wrongly understood. The enjoyment force in us misguides here and encourages living for the day on the lines of thinking, “Enjoy today; forget tomorrow.” One with all discipline has to check this entity in him/her, look at a realistic living feasible in his arena, plan for that and start living for the day.... 

Thus, a day for such an individual mainly consists of doing the works for an earning and discharging the responsibilities around, spending a good time on health and safety upkeep, saving reasonable finances for the coming days, relaxing in the way one wishes for the rest of the time finally closing the day with a Prayer to the Almighty to protect the self from the invading forces outside and devastating trends within…. And repeating this discipline the next day, day after and so on and on; that’s all!  This is just living for the day and nothing else for an ordinary personality with all his/her limitations by the side!”

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