Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ultimately Basic Survival Skills and Contentment are the true Assets in our lives! Rest all are inferior!

Once there was a great meeting of Staunch Democratic Leaders from all over the world at a Central Place.  They were the representatives from countries where the best possible democratic principles were upheld by the respective Rulers.  After the deliberations, on the evening of closing day, a get-together was arranged for all the representatives.

The rep from a highly developed country declared with a pride, “Our Rulers respect democratic principles to the core with full freedom of expression around and we have secured with us everything required in life!  All issues of people are well taken care and addressed to the point.  As citizens we enjoy the maximum freedom and get all the support from our Rulers….”

The man from the developing country having heard this, paused a while and then with a smile said to the rep, “My dear! I agree that you have the best and your Ruling Administration comes to your rescue at a call to help out in your difficulties. But have you forgotten that in the process, you have lost your skills of being vigilant and protecting yourself from the unseen attacks which can be both from outside as well as from inside? I, no doubt agree that your system around you works the best and that way your life may be with all ease, but our people have more the original capability of protecting themselves from the attacks both external and internal as they are forced to live their lives in that way. Here, Mother Nature optimizes the support on earth and provides that only for those who are really in need.  So we have this asset with us which may be missing to some extent in your countrymen.  Also, along with this, since our ruling is never perfect, our people have developed lots of mental adjustment and feel quite happy even with the little gains that come to them. Ultimately more of basic survival skills are our assets and Contentment and Peace are our Gifts from the Almighty!”

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