Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Spirit of Enquiry!


All along, behind the activities of all Learnings around, God’s Smile is there through a discrete message, “That’s the same way I teach all my children on the Earth….Making them search and find out the Truth on their own!  And I am for ever with them in this effort!  They struggle, achieve a certain distinct entity, see it as nothing and get into further search….Thus, when a dedicated search is established in oneself, that alone starts revealing many wonders, but the task must go on!  And in between when they get off from this and go for a while into mundane activities, I wait patiently for them to return and get back on to the Eternal Search ….

Ultimately this Search alone leads to finding the Reality in True Form!  And that is the true purpose of one’s life on earth while rest all findings are always inferior!”


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