Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….


When thus, the Democratic System even though best expressed, had an indirect authority through power behind the doors, a few individuals of the region were totally unhappy and were helpless in their thinking beyond for sometime….But soon they heard that in some other region of the world, there are Great Personalities who lead a simple but happy life and thus were eager to know how they could do it.  In that context, they traveled to that region, met a Great Saint, payed their salutations to the Great man and sincerely requested Him to give a solution in this direction.

The Master smiled and said, “My dear, whatever way the best care anyone proposes, all Systems ultimately end up with defects. Yours one of these is no exception in this context!  See, all the entities you describe Viz., being suppressed, overpowered or subjected to threats, intimidation and coercion are there in the world because one is after possessions directly or indirectly….Thus, since an individual is interested in possessing worldly things as many as possible simultaneously having own group of people as dearer, someone who is powerful can always rule such a person through a threat of taking away these possessions or detaining own people. Only when one sees this truth, the possessive tendency lessens in him/her and automatically further way will be explored based on this inner strength. This way alone an individual experiences glimpses of ultimate freedom in life and further clarity surely descends through the Grace of Lord!”


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