Thursday, September 27, 2012

A True Prayer....

The Almighty is totally behind all of my activities.   Every moment of my life is directed by Him.   Many times, I forget this and firmly believe that I plan, I do and I gain.   It is a boon if I am freed of this belief even a little which opens up entirely a different window for my perception of the Universe.  And if that happens in this life, this birth is truly worth any other worldly gain on this earth!

The Almighty is all benevolent. He is ever ready to help me in this task by being next to me all the time.  I only forget this and remember my God either in crisis or in situations of lots of hopes and aspirations in my life….Further, I regularly Pray to God to take care of me from all the downfalls and thus protect me….No doubt,  these are the best practices in life for me with the demon 'fear' by the side but along with these, I should simultaneously rise above these practices at least sometimes in my life!    

Thus, with all the devotion to my Lord let me await for the Moment….Surely, the Moment arrives, I would become aware of It over and above doing my normal duties that are with me and the next Moment takes over….And here alone lies the True Prayer in life!

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