Sunday, September 16, 2012

Am I Humble here?

“Sir, I have a doubt…. I am an ardent lover of Spiritual Ethics and I try to follow the Spiritual Discipline in thought, word and deed the best possible.  But I face a problem when I thus start living with this discipline.  Most of the time, I will be with groups of people like family members, relatives, friends and members of my Office and neighborhood.  When I am with these people who do not follow my discipline in their life, I have to sacrifice some of my principles to see that they are neither hurt nor feel uncomfortable with my behavior.   I feel sorry here when I thus deviate from my practice but I find I am helpless.  Am doing the right?”

“My dear, as you start living your life amidst all problems and interactions with people around you together with a Spiritual Practice as you understand, simultaneously you should see that people around you are ever respected in your thought, word and deed without fail!    Bereft of this additional discipline in you, all your Ethical Practices go a waste….Thus when you truly live with due respect to people’s ideas, expressions and behaviors every moment and in that scenario alone as and when your people themselves allow you voluntarily to live your life the way you understand the Spiritual Path, then only you can do your specific practices in that line. No other deviation is ever sacred!

I should understand here that all the people are around me at this moment because I alone wanted my life that way else they would have never been with me!  Hence, they are not a problem but I am a problem for myself…. I should see this total need of mine first and become humble instantly!  Thus, all my Spiritual Ethics would truly become meaningful as I start living my life with this humility incessantly glowing in me !”

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