Sunday, November 18, 2012

Am I taking care of my Work?

“Sir!  Why is work so important in life and what exactly is the right work for me?”

“My dear! The day necessarily begins with me when I start looking out for some  'Item' or 'Service' around which I cannot generate from scratch....  But this 'Item' or 'Service' may be provided by someone else ready made.   Naturally he / she expects something in return and will never give free.   Equally, most of the times I will not have an exact skill to produce and return what this supplier wants. Thus, I have to go through a continuous exchange process and see that ultimately my supplier gets what he / she wants. Then alone I do have a right to take my required 'Item' or 'Service' from him / her. Seen this way, it is clear that I can stop the whole working process only when I need absolutely nothing in my life which can never be a case with me as long as I exist on the earth!    Thus work becomes a very important aspect of life next to basic living....

The right work for me is nothing but the work I can do making use of the skill I learnt and practiced from my younger days....the skill which was passed on or learnt as hierarchy of my family most of the times. This skill too, once got into learning cannot be changed much later except fine tuning the same and expanding into related fields….

When I was young when the process of learning these skills was actively going on, my parents alone have worked at that time on my behalf....And it is my duty to take over this task from my parents at the earliest and start working myself as they can never do this for me for whole of my life!  If I neglect or postpone this take over, my competitor the next door will permanently take over the 'Vacancy of Exchange' available at my door step without a second thought and later however well my work be done, it may have no demand!!!

Any consumption without timely return of acceptable equivalent worth is a  sin in life as it has no support on earth through known Universal law!" 

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