Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Discipline that paves way to Happiness in life….

My personal care/needs take distinct time, energy and money and in addition, some have to be done at a specified clock time/calendar date without fail. Any deviation here is forever a debt which necessarily has to be  repaid with very high interest subsequently…. 

Further, the postponement cannot be done beyond a time limit as it results in break down of my System from which recovery is a costly and time consuming phenomenon. And, some times, I may have to settle for a lesser level permanently….

Since my Employment necessarily takes its own time and I can never say ‘NO’ to it, the only way of performing the best in this scenario is to become totally time conscious….Of course, time is money and so it is the energy too…..

With this background, if I observe my schedules carefully, I surely find that my available time is spent in enjoying the life as relaxations are sought by me continuously….

This is a strong force in me driving me incessantly in the direction of enjoyment but no despair….There is a bridle available…. My alertness to happenings…. With this bridle in hand, I can keep the enjoyment tendency in limits and catch hold of the precious time and energy continuously getting out of my hands….

And if I really do this, soon all types of enjoyments, let loose conditions and unbridled tendencies would be checked and regulated but I should still allow them at a level as they form the gist of my present life and may be the aim of my life is partly to satisfy these….

So, there is a catch and too much harshness in this direction works ultimately against me only....myself totally left out with a miserable state of mind and the resulting indiscipline beyond limits….

Now I know where I stand exactly....

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