Monday, January 20, 2014

'Self Help' is always not the 'Best Help!'

A man thought thus….

“Why can’t I start doing some of my intricate works myself? 
 In this process, I may still learn something soon if not the best…. And this makes me depend on myself in exigencies sometimes.... In a crisis situation too it supports! And they say ‘Self help is the best help!’ So, this attitude definitely helps me from being troubled by the people who do such works for me....  I can easily straighten them and take exactly where their help is required….” 

Thus firming up in his mind he started with all vigor, purchased few tools and in no time started doing a particular work….
And in the very process as he took out a hammer and raised it by his right hand to deliver the required blow, the hand instantly developed a catch…. A little bit annoyed with that he hit on to the work piece, which got deformed at a wrong place…. Having upset totally, he hit the next stroke with the left hand and as he had no practice of using that hand, it straight away fell on his right hand holding the work piece.... And all the work came to a halt in no time the man writhing in pain….

The next day, he was found moving around with a big bandage on his hand….

A well-wisher who came to know the whole story of the man, met him the same evening and after a few enquiries said in a soft tone, “My dear! I feel sorry for the pain you are experiencing and am sure you will be alright soon....And I wish to say one thing here...." he paused a while and continued....

Dear! You see.... An Expert is always an Expert and he / she alone knows the job for which he / she is named....  If you try to substitute yourself into this Expert’s role, soon you find yourself doing a job where in definitely the quality lacks and problems like what you have faced just now would crop up in no time.... Better, you leave all such jobs solely to them and never try to save money or worry there that the people give problems except that if you cannot afford the cost, do not go for it.... Your responsibility in all these cases is only doing the right supervision with the associated follow up action along with a bargain for the cost involved unless the Expert is a small time Earner.... There you should be truly considerate for the hard work and less resources the man  possesses....These are the prime duties with us in all such dealings.... Not heeding to this, if you start doing beyond this, your body and mind set-up does not permit that and the world around will not agree!"

While concluding, the well-wisher said, "The most important point you should remember here is.... If you start doing some odd jobs, your own job looses shine as your concentration would be divided temporarily between the works and this scenario is never, never good for continuation of your own original skills which alone have given your 'Main Job' of today!”

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