Saturday, January 18, 2014

The 'Fun' in 'day to day' Life....

### A thin short man got into a lift at mid level of an Apartment Complex and pressed the button to go to the terrace.... Next, a hefty tall personality entered the same lift and pressed the button to go to the basement.... The lift started moving up.... The thin man instantly remarked, “It is high time we design future lifts taking care of the priorities and load factors together to optimize all movements.... This definitely creates substantial savings in Electrical Power everywhere!"

### At a Bank, one of the Customers was speaking in a bit louder tone stressing his past experience….

“You need not worry at all in my case.... All the details in the Forms are filled correctly for this Pension Life Certificate.... If I do not know what to fill up here, who else will know? You may all be young and new to this work, but I am the man who was so regular in providing all these details every year here for the past 20 years continuously!”

The Clerk at the Counter was speaking in a very meek tone, “Yes, Sir! That is the exact reason why we are extra careful in checking your case!”

### An aged man while searching for the 'Mouse' of his Laptop asked his grand son, “Dear! Did you see the 'Mouse' anywhere in my room?”

Pat came the reply from the little one with an enthusiastic expression on his face, “Yes, Dadaji! I saw it entering the drain pipe hole in the corner of your room just a few minutes back!”

### A man was teaching 'Ethics' to a Group of young people stressing on how to avoid the negative qualities in life like 'self pity', 'anger' etc….

“ In all the conversations with people, when I am over taken by self pity, I blame myself…. When I am over taken by anger, I blame my own family members and the loved ones.... But when I am happy and normal, do you know what I will do?”

“Blame others!” was the instant reply from one of the Listeners….

### “We got our 'Divorce' only after going through a big ordeal!"

“How can it be? I understand that it is very simple and straight forward if mutual consent is there and in your case, you both were very much 'OK' on that!”

“Yes! There was no problem there….See! Between us…. Earlier, we got made a fake 'Marriage Certificate' and to regularize everything of that, it took so much effort and time.... Anyhow, we got it done finally and got our 'Divorce' papers approved in no time!”

### An Apartment Complex in a remote area had a safety network of having Intercom connection between all the flats for easy cost effective communication.... Further in an exigency or emergency, a resident of one particular flat could press few buttons and get connected to the neighboring flats in the immediate vicinity for quick help…. Indeed, a real facility!

Subsequently it so happened that, a thief was making an attempt to enter one of the flats at midnight and sensing the danger, the flat Owner pressed the buttons of Intercom.... Immediately, all the neighbors one by one enquired the reason of calling.... When they were told about the thief, they instantly made sure to bolt their doors more securely and stayed in till the thief finished his job with all success and left the place!

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