Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time and Tide wait for None!

Once a man got into a problem; not a small one but really a serious problem! Sometimes, it happens in life and it takes a lot of time to recover….A number of friends and well-wishers of him enquired on phone immediately and consoled him. A few visited him at his place and stayed there for a day….

A close friend of him who came to know of this a bit late as he was away at that point of time, dashed to his place the moment he came back and heard of the difficulty. The man met him at the entrance, greeted and offered him to sit in his living room. They both were silent for a while. Subsequently, the man himself started enquiring a few welfare issues of his friend and was simultaneously concentrating on a few important works of his. He thus appeared not much worried about the difficulty he faced and was not looking as if he faced such a serious problem! The friend got astonished at this because he thought that the man would have broken down at that point of time. After a while he could no more hold those feelings in himself and straight away asked the man how he was keeping so cool having faced such a difficult situation….

The man smiled and said, “Dear! I know that the problem I got into is really a serious one and it is a big pain in life. But there is a much bigger problem ready to strike me at this point of time. And if I don’t take care of it now, soon I have to face that and its magnitude is going to be many times the magnitude of the present one!”

The friend was dumb stuck not knowing exactly what a bigger problem could be there for him other than what he was having….

The man continued, “If I stop doing my normal activities destined to be done at this point of time without a deficiency and sit worrying, the effects of ‘non doing’ of the same in the right way and in the right time soon accumulate and become mountainous issues....And to tell you frankly, how can I face those problems later? So, there is no time in front of me sitting and crying over spilt milk as time and tide wait for none and life goes on whether we like it or not....The best way in this situation is to get up in the earliest time, refresh and start doing the necessary activities to save from these impending perils of future and thus make way for true peace in coming up life. Here, there is no other choice in front of any one if seen in true perspective!”

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