Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Way to minimize Tensions!

“Master! I have a question….I am constantly bothered about the uncertainties in life and the associated tensions with me. These thoughts haunt me beyond a level and I almost find myself helpless in these matters. In this scenario, what is the best course of action in front of me?”

“My dear! As long as one is living on this earth with body and the associated desires, these tensions are inevitable….It is like going on a vacation on to a top of hill, suddenly coming across the edge of a cliff and then coming to know that the way ahead is totally blocked. The only way there is to return if not fully and try to find the alternate routes. To avoid a similar painful process of being psychologically immobilized at certain times in life, one should have a discipline with him / her and the same generally broadly comprises of three activities viz.,

Go on distinguishing between the stable and time tested entities and those which surface suddenly with glitter and glamour and try to keep off from the temporary ones as much as possible,

Go on doing all works of responsibilities well with more attention and less interest in closing and not feeling high for the results and

Live with a Prayerful attitude as much time as possible with a firm belief that ultimately He is the Doer!

For any ordinary individual, a discipline combined with all these three actions alone keeps off the tensions in life and puts them in a corner without a say!"

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