Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can I truly feel 'Lighter' in my life?

“I am fed up with the attitude of my grown up family members....See, Sir!  We, as elders try to tell them in their interest but they never listen to the 'good' in that for them!   Instead, each of them questions back, ‘Why can't I do this way?'   Indirectly, they want an approval for their doing!  Tomorrow, if they really get into a problem, every one suffers….Then, what is the use of their decisions without any backup of the right wisdom?  I feel sad seeing all this happening in front of me!” thus spoke a man of fifties to an elderly well- wisher of his family regarding certain problems at his home…..

The well-wisher, happened to be a man of wisdom who had dealt with many similar situations, comforted him and said, “My dear! What you say is a fact and I one hundred percent agree that the young family members, at times take wrong decisions and suffer in their life... It is truly wisdom that they listen to their elders and the elders should and must show their resentment and if required resort to non co-operation to see that the young with them do not go ahead with certain proposals where the danger is imminent.... But there is a fine line of division here….” the well-wisher paused and continued…. “The family members under our care have their own freedom of expression and that should always be honored by us, without a say! This freedom with them makes them see new things around through their own perception which we, as elders may not be interested in that direction…. Are we able to see this quality in them and give all support to it, both sides never crossing the fine lines of law and basic ethics?   Here alone lies the openness of elders / caretakers and if really, the we are ready to accept such proposals from the young, the young themselves carry  their true respect towards us.  Being a caretaker, my responsibility truly vests here the maximum!” 

While leaving the well-wisher remarked, “It is wisdom with me to see as much as possible that the family members never belong to me but are only positioned by the Almighty under my care for their growth / betterment  and it is a duty with me to do my best there!  Let me be doing this alone with all my energies and resources within the boundaries of legal and ethical actions where in I will be simultaneously caring for the Society and surroundings….Having done that way…That’s all….At the end of the day, let me feel the Lightness of life which ultimately is the true outcome of such actions!

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