Friday, January 11, 2013

Everything rots in time!

A King was interested to see that all his plans were implemented in the best possible way for the benefit of people.

He thought, “I understand that the best actions any where come through dedicated inspection and timely rectifications. Intentional neglect and non implementation may escape one watchful eye but not the second one so easily! So, I’ll keep repeated checks at various points of all Plan implementations so that a minimum ten Officials on duty will inspect, assess the required parameters and suggest immediate corrective actions if deviations however minor or at whatever corner are seen existing….Having backed by such a rigid procedure and all inspections being recorded properly with the signatures and stamps of the inspectors on all relevant papers, no deviation in plan implementation can go unnoticed easily and that way alone ultimately I can ensure the best for people within the allowed deficiencies!”

Without further discussing the proposal with his Minister, the King straight away had gone ahead and implemented the schemes, identified well trained men to inspect all procedures followed, suggest corrective actions and record all….Further, he decided to inspect all records himself at the 
final stage for any lapse on the behalf of inspectors….

Days passed…The King’s Plans were through instantly and it was really a joyous situation!  He was proud that he could thus control all the Programs effectively.... Further, days passed….

In time any thing rusts….And this was no exception! The King found that slowly the quality of life of people was back to the earlier times except for a few improvements here and there….He was totally astonished and was really clueless not knowing how it could have happened…..

Finally, he was forced to discuss the whole matter with the Minister. The wise Minister quickly made certain enquiries, came back to the King and said, “Your Highness! No doubt the idea is great had it been implemented in true spirit. That way no deviation would have been there….But time always brings in ways to get out of these imposed procedures as lethargy, greed and authority in an individual encourage that. Thus any System soon rots!”

He paused and continued, “Sir! After a while of introduction of this strict discipline, certain procedure had set in the System, where the papers would simply be prepared and signed in a routine way as you as an Authority are seeing only the papers….There is such a nexus among the Authorities that some of the signatures which have become too many are being simply written by hand by an expert there in these matters and the entire procedure is being cut short. Unfortunately, Your Majesty had not thought of this happening…. Ultimately, here the paper work alone is perfect but the rest is same!”

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