Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Sacred Effort…. Worth Millions!

The Effort with me for ever is a Precious Entity …. And it is always a double edged weapon….

It can be used for the betterment of me and the world having been exerted in the right way…. Or it can be used for the down fall of me and damage to the world having been exerted in a wrong way…. And knowing that 'Right way'  on this Earth is truly a Divine Blessing! 

Further, if the right amount of Effort from me meant for my duties is lessened, it results in constant pain and suffering…. The lessened quantum invariably goes towards excess enjoyment and laziness around and once again results in damage and suffering….

Thus this Effort of mine is to be constantly kept under surveillance to monitor the quantum as well as the direction of its exertion for my immediate good and for the ultimate good of the world as well! 

In a scenarios where the exertion of this Effort is not streamlined properly, it may a few times, result in extreme situations like….

The one depicted in a famous classical drama…. The much awaited pension papers that were followed up for quite long time, got sanctioned and delivered exactly on the day the retired man passed away being made use for supporting the burning along with the wood…. 

The one depicted in the famous joke....The ant commenting on shaking the bridge together with its friend the elephant as they both crossed the same and it shook for a while….

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