Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I had become the 'Best' today was originally my deepest desire in life to become that o!

A man at an young age started working in the line of his qualification immediately after his graduation and had put in hard and very sincere work in that direction for a period of about 10 years…. That way he had become popular in his field and was in much demand among his Employers….

But he was unhappy…. He had one strong ambition to fulfill from childhood but some how could not enter that field.... He thought, "They say, 'Better late than never!' and 'Procrastination is the thief of time!'  So, I'll firm up working in this line at least from now on wards with all dedication and for this better I resign from my present job and see that my full time is available for this task.... I am sure, soon I'll shine in this line much better than what I am today!"  Thus he thought but before firming up, consulted a well-wisher, a man of wisdom who could throw some light in that context.…

The well-wisher listened to him and straight away said, “Better you continue your present job as your profession for the rest of life and continue your ambition as a hobby only.  Never try to make a profession out of this new interest!”

The man said, “Sir! I was very much interested in this line from my childhood and even now I like to do that way. People say that you have to do ultimately that job you like the most…. My deep interest in the new line definitely makes me excel there and I am sure, soon I turn out gold…. Why are you discouraging me?”

The well-wisher smiled and said, “Dear! Continuing your present job becomes the most important entity at this point of time in your life as that alone can support your living….Today, you are known around as that professional alone and nothing else!  All Employers in your field would like to give you jobs related to that work experience without a second thought because such a good experience of yours there makes them peaceful with the thoughts that that their investments are safe.  And you are the right man who knows the best in the field being ready to meet any challenges in that line authoritatively answering those challenges as a Master in the field…. Any Customer too wants such a personality alone for his / her work and so working in this line truly supports you for the life!

If you try to change your profession now just because you have an interest, everything becomes instantly a mess!  You will be a misfit in the new line as the precious 10 years of your life had already made you an expert in some other line which you cannot undo and redo with the new line of experience….The best you can do now and any how you would be doing is to grow in this line, expand in the related areas and thus become a Controlling Authority in the present field….If I ask you frankly, tell me , how much you are known at this stage in the new line? You are totally unknown today in that line whereas there are Stalwarts who are well known….Then where is the place for you there? So, the present  ambition has no go but to remain with you only as a hobby at this moment!”

While departing the well-wisher said, “The dedication with which you have developed your profession for the last 10 years itself shows that your deep interest lies there alone and no where else! Had it not been, you would have never shone in this line so well but would have remained a mediocre by this time, that's all!”

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