Thursday, May 2, 2013

* The ‘In’ Human Face of Outsourcing….

The anxious Customer rang up to the Customer Support Cell…. “Hello! I am ……. Speaking from….... I am a member of your Institution and I have a problem….....” The Official at the receiving end promptly took his complaint, gave a Ref No and promised action in two working days…. The man waited for two days and nothing happened!

He again rang up the Cell…. The answer was “Sir! It is a Software problem…We are looking into that and we give the solution shortly….” But the waiting was of no use and the man decided to raise the level…

In no time, the Manager was on the scene.... He profusely apologized saying, “Sir! Sorry for the delay.... By today evening the problem will be set right!” The Customer felt a bit convinced, waited till evening and checked…. The story repeated and nothing happened…. He became furious and instantly decided to write to the General Manager giving a piece of his mind….

Thus, a mail was sent to the GM with all details…. And as usual, the GM called the Manager In-charge….

“Why are you not answering the Customer on what he wants?”

The Manger said, “Sir! It is a Software hitch and we have totally out sourced that Package….The Service Provider alone can answer the issue.”

“Then what’s the problem? Ask them to do that….”

The Manager scratched his head and said, “Sir! I did that….They too have a problem….”

“What do you mean?”

“This Company directly did not do our job…Part of the Software where this particular problem lies was outsourced to a Group outside and their whereabouts are not traceable this moment…. That is the issue as they alone can answer our Customer’s present problem!”

“But see my dear Manager! Here, you have to answer the Customer at the earliest and solve his problem…. We are meant for that…. If we can't do this, then where is the job for us?”

The Manager thought for a while and said, “Sir! I have a solution…. I know one address….They are Experts in tracking people and bring out the required…. They did a few wonderful jobs earlier…. We will Contract them with the task of identifying this problem with the Originator and bring out the right answer….We will keep a time limit with this Agency and answer our Customer accordingly…. When you as GM, reply to our Customer on this date, he will be pacified and will agree to that….Tomorrow itself, I will call this concerned man to our Office, brief on the work that will be outsourced and keep the time limit…. Further, we will collect all those monies what these people charge later from our Customer slowly and I have a plan for that......”

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