Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The importance of Responsibilities in life....

“Master! What exactly is a responsibility attached to an individual in his / her life as he / she starts living in this world out of his / her own freedom?”

“Dear! A responsibility attached to an individual comes into effect as he / she starts living his / her life expecting a benefit from the world either of physical or psychological in nature….. That is why the Great Saints were never attached with the worldly responsibilities as these Great Men were ever dis-interested anything that was worldly! 

But we, as normal individuals existing at various levels of evolution towards the Ultimate, definitely do have with us the well defined responsibilities to be discharged in the world as we are interested in the world and expect certain returns from the world….That way alone all our responsibilities are defined in our life….

These responsibilities with an individual can broadly be categorized as THREE TYPES…..

1. Law bound responsibilities
2. Social or Moral responsibilities and 
3. Ethical responsibilities 

Law bound responsibilities are a must to be discharged in life as per the Law of the Land. Social or Moral responsibilities are better be discharged in the interest of greater peace around but taking care that the law is respected all the while. Ethical responsibilities are the ones the individual takes upon himself / herself on his / her own and discharges them in the interest of the community around so that he / she is freed in this life from the burden of own attachments to a greater extent…

So the ultimate guidelines in respect of discharging these responsibilities are….

A must in respect of the First
Desirable in respect of the Second without sacrificing the First and
Good to do in respect of the third provided the individual does not copy here someone / something but does out of his / her own depth of perception of Truth!

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