Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rule Making Vs Rule Implementation....

A King wanted that his people get the best in life in terms of various Goods, Services and Items which they consume / use regularly…. He decided to classify all these Goods and Services as ‘Good’ and ‘Not Good’ and the 'Not Good' should essentially be made 'Good' before they are offered for use....

Accordingly stringent laws were passed regulating the availability and supply of all the items of regular consumption…. As per the Rules that came into effect, the Authorities would constantly check, evaluate and improve all essential and regularly used items by the people and would advise and educate them on the right use of these products…. The Wise Minister doubted the whole Scheme in its implementation but the King brushed off his apprehensions for a while!

After six months of implementation of his Orders, one fine day he decided to check how the common man was directly benefited by the same.... Accordingly, he planned a visit to the center of his city along with the Minister in disguise.... As he moved around, to his surprise, he noticed people moving with small ornamental mechanisms fitted to their noses depicting an air of style…. He asked the Minister to find out the details….

The Minister quickly made an enquiry, returned and said, “Your Highness! The Rules that came into effect were so strict that the Officials quickly acted and found the 'Breathing Air' in the city polluted which instantly came under the category of ‘not good’ item for consumption….  And a Company offered to design and supply these ornamental mini masks to everyone in busy areas which will filter bad air and supply the fresh…. Accordingly, the same was approved and the mini masks have come out…. Simultaneously, people were educated and advised on war footing to use these mini masks for their good and thus brought the change your Majesty is seeing around!”

The Wise Minister paused a while and whispered to the King, “Your Highness may not be aware here that the Manufacturer of these mini masks had colluded with a few Court Officials to see that the air in the city was declared as ‘not good’ for breathing! Further, he used the mass media to misguide people on the dangers of polluted air which in fact are not hundred percent true and advertised extensively on the usefulness of mini masks to safe guard people from the bad effects.... Soon all people started wearing these masks as part of their living style!”

Saturday, June 29, 2013

* A Sincere Help never digs into the Past!

A man because of whom a few people suffered in their lives was in a difficulty, of not small intensity but sizable one which attracted quite a bit of every one’s attention….

“What you sow so you reap! This man had done enough damage to the lives of others, now he deserves to have it.... Any one may help here, but I keep off in this situation.... There are many places to help and many who truly need me at this point of time!” was the decision of a man who was considered as the learned in life ….

“Every jackal will have its day! When in power, we may act as we like but the wrong actions done at that point of time will lead to this type of ending.... Now this man expects support from people; what an irony!" was the thinking a man of too much pride and prejudice who just wanted to wait and watch in the situation….

“ Every effort pays! What type of return will come to us here for helping out such a man? Let me see if I can fit in any time for him in my busy schedule....” was thinking of another individual who all the life looked for plus and minus alone….

“Time and tide wait for none! It is not long before our own deeds show up....Where is the extra energy to help such cruel personalities in this world? Better utilize the limited resources of ours for the right use” was the thought of a man who believed in the concept of ‘Right Work!’

“Service to Humanity is Service to God! A few lives might have suffered in the past.... But a life is suffering presently in front of me.... I'll extend my best support in reducing the suffering of this man!” was the thinking of a humble man who believed in the concept that 'I am not the doer; I act through His Will!'

Gods from above Showered Their Blessings on that Soul!

Friday, June 7, 2013

“Master! What is the purpose of life?”

“Dear! The basic purpose of life of any individual is to continuously Elevate ‘Own Self’ and ultimately establish in Eternal Peace....Elevation is a state of mind where in the individual continues to be more at Peace with limited disturbances.   Any one straight away offered with this gift of being at Peace at any level would instantly take it without a second thought! Then the question in front of us is why are people not showing interest in this direction as we see more and more human suffering around?

The reason why
 we are not able to show a total interest in this direction is because of the hold of the powerful Ignorance on us.... The Ignorance with us, an accumulated bunch of past experiences is a Reality and this will never allow us straight away tune ourselves to the purpose of life!

That is why all our Sacred Books and Great Personalities recommend us to take up a specific path according to our own 'Inside Personality / Tendencies' and start living our lives thus through discharge of the Ordained duties. This involvement immediately establishes a certain Peace of mind in us even though the same is shaky.  But as we live our life thus by meticulously doing our responsible jobs in front with full vigor, the Ignorance which in fact is nothing but the 'Inside Personality / Tendencies' surely levels down with the dawn of more and more Clarity. This Clarity alone prompts us to investigate in parallel and thus Elevate ourselves in life with the dawn of much more Clarity....  

Here, we are strongly advised by all Scriptures not to get away at any time from the Sacred Duties in front but do them with all devotion and thus rise steadily in the path of Elevation, which is 'The Purpose of Life' this moment.... Rest all is only through the Grace of Almighty and that is truly unknown to any one at this point of time!"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

These 'Calculations' beyond have no meaning!

Once, a man of mid forties had to go to the outskirts of his town to fix four demarcating stones in his piece of land for clear definition of its borders.... The area was located nearer to the next village….

He enquired for the personal transportation to go there with those heavy demarcating stones and come back after getting them fixed.... The driver of the transport demanded a certain sum of money which the man felt why not he save.... So he searched for the alternate ways of going there.... The place had a dedicated Rail Link from his town and the fare was quite cheap to travel there.... Of course, one had to spend on the personal transport to commute between home and the Railway Station at both the places as well as on Loader charges but the total cost of entire travel in that way was not a big money....

So the man thought, "On a Sunday, I don't have much work to do at home.... Why not I do this job in this way even if takes more time and thus save the precious monies?"  Having decided thus, he ventured out the following Sunday and accordingly moved to the Railway Station with the load.... He bought the Rail ticket but when weighed the luggage, it was found to be beyond the allowed limit per person by three times.... And the minimum luggage charges worked out to be quite a bit.... The man further thought.... "Why not I buy another three tickets for three passengers going to the same village as that cost too would still be nothing and thus travel as four people together and take the additional luggage benefit?" 

Accordingly, he bought 3 more tickets for the next station, found out three such passengers, gave them freely the tickets and all  of them got into the train….

The train moved on and all four were sitting together with the load.... The destination arrived in no time and as the man was in a hurry to take the load out with help, in the confusion the other three co-passengers went away leaving him behind.... Thus he was squarely caught at the 'Out Point' for travelling with excess luggage and had to pay a heavy penalty to come out of that....

When he reached the point, he found that the work could not be done as the concerned people did not turn up for the day.... As coming back with the load was a wasteful and strenuous job, he dropped the items at a known place with certain risk and returned home!

Ultimately when he worked back, the total cost incurred by him including the fine amount was a lot more than the charges asked for the straight personal transportation with the help of which he could have easily gone and returned!