Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rule Making Vs Rule Implementation....

A King wanted that his people get the best in life in terms of various Goods, Services and Items which they consume / use regularly…. He decided to classify all these Goods and Services as ‘Good’ and ‘Not Good’ and the 'Not Good' should essentially be made 'Good' before they are offered for use....

Accordingly stringent laws were passed regulating the availability and supply of all the items of regular consumption…. As per the Rules that came into effect, the Authorities would constantly check, evaluate and improve all essential and regularly used items by the people and would advise and educate them on the right use of these products…. The Wise Minister doubted the whole Scheme in its implementation but the King brushed off his apprehensions for a while!

After six months of implementation of his Orders, one fine day he decided to check how the common man was directly benefited by the same.... Accordingly, he planned a visit to the center of his city along with the Minister in disguise.... As he moved around, to his surprise, he noticed people moving with small ornamental mechanisms fitted to their noses depicting an air of style…. He asked the Minister to find out the details….

The Minister quickly made an enquiry, returned and said, “Your Highness! The Rules that came into effect were so strict that the Officials quickly acted and found the 'Breathing Air' in the city polluted which instantly came under the category of ‘not good’ item for consumption….  And a Company offered to design and supply these ornamental mini masks to everyone in busy areas which will filter bad air and supply the fresh…. Accordingly, the same was approved and the mini masks have come out…. Simultaneously, people were educated and advised on war footing to use these mini masks for their good and thus brought the change your Majesty is seeing around!”

The Wise Minister paused a while and whispered to the King, “Your Highness may not be aware here that the Manufacturer of these mini masks had colluded with a few Court Officials to see that the air in the city was declared as ‘not good’ for breathing! Further, he used the mass media to misguide people on the dangers of polluted air which in fact are not hundred percent true and advertised extensively on the usefulness of mini masks to safe guard people from the bad effects.... Soon all people started wearing these masks as part of their living style!”

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