Thursday, June 6, 2013

These 'Calculations' beyond have no meaning!

Once, a man of mid forties had to go to the outskirts of his town to fix four demarcating stones in his piece of land for clear definition of its borders.... The area was located nearer to the next village….

He enquired for the personal transportation to go there with those heavy demarcating stones and come back after getting them fixed.... The driver of the transport demanded a certain sum of money which the man felt why not he save.... So he searched for the alternate ways of going there.... The place had a dedicated Rail Link from his town and the fare was quite cheap to travel there.... Of course, one had to spend on the personal transport to commute between home and the Railway Station at both the places as well as on Loader charges but the total cost of entire travel in that way was not a big money....

So the man thought, "On a Sunday, I don't have much work to do at home.... Why not I do this job in this way even if takes more time and thus save the precious monies?"  Having decided thus, he ventured out the following Sunday and accordingly moved to the Railway Station with the load.... He bought the Rail ticket but when weighed the luggage, it was found to be beyond the allowed limit per person by three times.... And the minimum luggage charges worked out to be quite a bit.... The man further thought.... "Why not I buy another three tickets for three passengers going to the same village as that cost too would still be nothing and thus travel as four people together and take the additional luggage benefit?" 

Accordingly, he bought 3 more tickets for the next station, found out three such passengers, gave them freely the tickets and all  of them got into the train….

The train moved on and all four were sitting together with the load.... The destination arrived in no time and as the man was in a hurry to take the load out with help, in the confusion the other three co-passengers went away leaving him behind.... Thus he was squarely caught at the 'Out Point' for travelling with excess luggage and had to pay a heavy penalty to come out of that....

When he reached the point, he found that the work could not be done as the concerned people did not turn up for the day.... As coming back with the load was a wasteful and strenuous job, he dropped the items at a known place with certain risk and returned home!

Ultimately when he worked back, the total cost incurred by him including the fine amount was a lot more than the charges asked for the straight personal transportation with the help of which he could have easily gone and returned!

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