Friday, September 20, 2013

Costly Mistakes….

The two mistakes I may be doing  in my life often….

One is....Advising some close person forcibly out of my own self satisfaction even though the other person shows up firmness that he / she would not be interested in that particular way of living which I like very much as my advice itself suggests it…. Here, on the face of it, the advice may look benign and welfare oriented but indirectly, it has the same effect as a coercion would have in making the other party do in the particular way which I approve and thus achieve more of my own satisfaction by forcing the individual to a corner …. This is the serious mistake I may be doing once in a way or frequently in the name of welfare activity….

Here, I should forever understand that even though a large part of good appears to be there in such an advice, it never does its worth unless the other person accepts it in the heart and if not more harm only will be done…. Allowing the other man, good or bad to do as per his / her wish is ideal in all such cases as long as the basic issues are under control….

The other mistake is.... When one advises me thus, I, the receiver a few times react to the force behind the advice, decide to follow the same on the face of it with an in built anger on the activity as well as on the person who advised and accordingly start working in that line with a total silence around…. This, any how will not work out and soon gives way as the 'inside of me' is different but knowingly or unknowingly I react thus temporarily and start behaving accordingly…. This is another serious mistake I often do when cornered by the so called well wishers' advices….

And I should never allow my reaction to such an advice which can work on me in no time if allowed bringing down my efficiency in the work I am presently doing thus losing from both the sides simultaneously!

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