Friday, September 6, 2013

The Aim is the same; the Game is different!

Two unscrupulous democratic Rulers in the world once had a meeting in some distant place…. After a brief initial exchanges, soon they were discussing on how they rule, the problems associated with their ruling, the benefits around them being the Rulers etc….

The first one said, “In my State, I provide the minimum welfare measures but collect good amount of taxes… My associates of my equal stature alone provide these services and so, they in turn have their profits….In this way, we together will be having a large chunk of money and our royal way of living thus continues….”

He paused and asked the other Ruler how he fared in his ruling at his place….

The other one said, “I am not so lucky like you…. My people are smart and demanding type.… I have to provide them the maximum welfare measures in their living and have no option other than providing the same!”

The first one was surprised and asked, “That means you and your associates as Rulers are normal people without much wealth and other perks around?”

The second one whispered with a mischievous smile, “It is a different trick here…. I do provide the best welfare measures as demanded by my people but make them costly and thus collect large tax amounts on these Services…. Further, around these Services, I create so many complexities which are not really required from welfare point of view, a few having a negative effect too which no one can question easily....  Thus, I make my people pay for all this in addition who use these facilities…. Here, my own men who are suppliers of these are thus benefited a lot and you know, finally even though it appears that my people are getting these welfare measures freely, ultimately they only pay for them through the Social Security Scheme I promoted…. Do you that in this scenario ultimately, the monies with me and my associates are very high and are much much above yours?”

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