Monday, September 30, 2013

Let me never, never curse here however demanding it may be....

“Work, work and work…. I am tired of hearing this word…. Every one says work hard, don’t waste time and all other routine preachings…. But no one really understands the tension and turmoil behind this activity…. No doubt we have to work and that too work efficiently and competitively…. But others should equally feel for the person who puts in this hard labor, let it be physical or mental…. One is surely tired at the end of the day with his / her work…. Each has his / her own ambition in life…. Does he / she have no right to speak of that even a bit? For that to happen, one should be off from the psychological occupation of this work…. Work in the working time but do not go on thinking of it even after that….That’s the best policy…. Sir!  Am I wrong here?” thus was commenting and asking a young man of thirties over his work and the advice from an elderly well-wisher  in general….

The well-wisher listened to him, paused a while and said, “Dear! I understand what you say here.... You sure are getting tired of your work and at the end of the day no one is seriously appreciating you except that they always expect you go to your job the next day…. It looks like a thankless struggle on the face of it and that is why you are speaking like this.…” the elderly paused and continued….. "But you should remember that this work is a must in life for all else our bodies cannot sustain on the earth and no one is an exception here…. But imagine….There are quite a number of people in this world like the old, the sick, the difficult people who too need constantly the inputs from outside but they by themselves cannot support it through work as these people can never strain like the young or may not be able to strain at all at some point of time in their lives.... The pains of the body you experience at the end of the day through your hard work, these people may experience without that strain itself....But their body needs are a fact and no one gives free…. Tell me, what these people should say in this context?”

“So let me not say that I am driven to a corner through work and more work….You are lucky today because your body permits that without giving any problem to you except that it gets tired by end of the day…. In fact, you should contribute a little more daily and donate the returns for the cause of these difficult people who are straight away deprived from that and in addition experience much more pains which their bodies give without doing any work itself…. Leaving all this, expressing pity on yourself is definitely never a healthy sign in respect of the 'Sacred Work' in front of us!”

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