Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Greater Emotions in Nature....

It was a cool evening…. The mother and child were walking on the foot path in their colony….. The child of 3 years was talking in his own language to mother and the mother was listening to him with extreme attention and joy and was equally communicating to her child in his own language which they both only would understand….. The scene was so heart filling for every one walking around…..

It was time to cross the road to go to the other side to reach their home…. The mother was concentrating on her bag and other items before crossing the road expecting the child stay there…. The child was a little more curious…. He saw some people crossing the road and he too put his foot on to the road and moved a little….A three wheeler from distance was coming at slow speed and the mother too got down the foot path after the child following him but seeing the mother behind, he started going ahead instead of waiting for her….

The mother became highly conscious of the danger involved and shouted instantly 'Wait dear!' The child took it more interesting and further moved on to the road and by that time the three wheeler was nearing….

The mother sensed the coming up danger.... That’s all! She screamed aloud in her own language, instantly closed her eyes and just fell on to the ground…. The slow moving three wheeler stopped well ahead of the child and the child stood on the road smiling at the vehicle….

Everyone around heard the big scream and instantly rushed towards the child…. One man pulled the child from the road and positioned him on the foot path…. A few started reviving the mother by fanning her and sprinkling waters on her face.... After a few minutes the mother got up and looked for the child who was in front and hugged him tight closing her eyes for a while muttering her own words to the child…. Every one waited for a while and seeing the mother and child safe left from there….

Someone commented…."The mom was too sensitive…. She should have been a little courageous enough first to run and pull the child aside…. Instead she fell off as she could never see the scene…. It is better, these emotions are checked a bit to practically work in a safer way! She needs some counselling on this....”

An elderly wise man smiled and said, “Dear! Because of such uncontrolled and for-no-reason emotions of all of our mothers, we are standing at this point of time with fully grown matured personalities at our back ready to do the best for ourselves and to the surroundings…. No doubt, the emotion of hers has no meaningful explanation but the little one alone senses the true love behind her expressions and out of that love he will be a full individual tomorrow in his life as he grows up…. And this emotion is a Gift of God for every child from its mother! Let us all at this point of time, thank the Almighty that they both are taken care today and further humbly Pray unto Him to extend this take-care for all, all the time!”

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