Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No short cuts and modifications do a trick here!

A man at work was always self contented.  "It is enough if I get monies to lead a simple life.... Why this running after timely promotions and other perks at work?  Let them be on their own.... Whatever comes through, I am satisfied with that...." Thus he wanted to lead a simple life with high thinking.... Not a 'high thinking' at all in the right sense.... Life went on thus for a number of years.... The small Employer retained him at the back of his own self interest.... 

When the man was 40, the Employer suddenly died and the Firm in which he was working was closed.... Thus, the man became jobless at 40.... He quickly approached a few Employers in the field and all had given more or less the same answer....

“For the work you know, we get more energetic and sharp young people for lesser salary....To give you the next responsibility and appoint you in the job, you have no experience so far to handle that higher responsibility....”

That way, the 'Total Employment Arena' was out of reach for the man at that point of time!

Thus one's work experience is valuable only as the right experience for the right age…. Meaning.... The growth in profession can never be ignored!

Thus an individual with an initial skill grows through working and further learning simultaneously modifying his / her skill within certain limits to meet the dynamic market requirements and attains the Managerial and subsequently Senior Levels by adding at this stage if required, certain additional Managerial Qualifications to his / her Career.... He / she subsequently matures into a Specialist of valuable back up knowledge and experience and finally becomes the talk of town!

Should one aim at anything 'Less' here?

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