Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Number One Identification in life!

The youth applied for few jobs after graduation, received some interview calls but was straight away rejected by Company 1, 2 and 3….. “There is no use of going for these small jobs….The right way here is acquiring higher qualification….  If I get the next degree from the best Institution around.... That's all.... In no time, the prime jobs stand in front of me and there is no doubt in that!  Then why to delay unnecessarily?  Let me straight away do it!" thus the thoughts flowed in and soon materialized in the expected direction….

The Middle Level Manager was denied promotion in the right time…. After a few days,  a loud voice was heard in the Boss' Chamber…. "Mr…………..! This is my resignation.... I am happy if I am relieved right now and I am ready to compensate whatever the Management insists upon…. And do you see this Order in my other hand? I think, you know this Company…. I am sorry to say....... I regret even today for the mistake I've done in joining this Company and that too serving for so many years…. Any way….Good bye to you all either immediately or soon…. It all depends on the great decisions of the so called Higher Management of this Company!” Thus was speaking the personality who soon was out and was In-charge of a big responsibility in the next posting….

The very Senior Executive had certain allegations on him 'Charged wrongly' he thought but 'The right way' thought the Higher Management and was soon dismissed mercilessly from the Service…. Within a few days of his ousting from the job, he opened an 'Independent Business Venture' at his home premises with a big board outside written in bold letters…. “My shop is open 24 hrs and the Customer is a King here! Service is the first priority…. If not satisfied at any time, the monies in full will be returned instantly.… Please 'STEP IN'!”

The man at 60 was to retire on the D day.... A very warm send off was arranged by his Colleagues and Sub-ordinates…. “Sri………had worked in this Company for a long period of…. years and had contributed his best to the Organization and its people.... It is time he takes it easy now by handing over the responsibilities to his successors and spends rest of his life in doing what he wanted to do all these years for which he could never find time earlier.… We all wish him a happy retired and relaxed life here afterwards!" Thus went on the farewell speech and soon the man moved out of the familiar premises forever..... The next day he was at home relaxing himself but on the third day was heard on phone talking to some one, “Yeah! I got the letter of appointment as Consultant and Adviser at………. They say any time I can join…. I thought....Why to delay…. Anyhow, tomorrow is a Good Day…. Decided to go there from tomorrow itself and do you know what facilities this job offers?.............It is really a surprise...........”

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