Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A young man was travelling in a city bus. At a stop, a busy individual got into the bus with an active call on his mobile phone. He sat in front of the young man on a seat facing him and started laughing and talking aloud on his phone to the attention of every passenger in the bus. Soon the bus conductor approached him for issue of ticket and without stopping his talk, the man simply waved to him on his destination, gave the money and took his ticket.
  • The talk continued thus aloud with equal loud laughter in between for few minutes when some passengers readied themselves to remind him of the nuisance he was creating around.. 
  • But the next moment, it changed to smiles with a bit lowered intensity and continued with almost the same tempo as the party at the other end of the phone appeared to have shown a certain resistance.. And again, a few minutes passed thus.. 
  • Suddenly it became almost a smile less talk but with an audible low tone for the next few minutes as the person on the phone appeared talking tough.. 
  • Then all of a sudden, every one around heard him saying ‘Hello.. Hello.. Hello..’ and it instantly became evident that the person on the other side had abruptly disconnected the phone.. 
  • And the man still continued his talk but within himself in a further reduced intensity of tone for the next few minutes.. A careful observation revealed that he was muttering within himself and cursing the man on the phone.. 
  • Finally his stop came up, the man silently got down from the bus and slowly walked towards his destination with his head fully bent down! 
Seeing the whole incident, the young man thought, “How nice it would have been had this man proceeded with his talk in the situation clearly knowing
  • His own requirement, 
  • How much the other man was really interested and 
  • How people around him are not inconvenienced in the process 
and thus helped out eliminate the inevitable conflict if any or bring it down to simmering levels for the time being so that certain level of calmness sure would have accrued in him, in the other party as well as in the surroundings!
  • If I really want to live a happy life in this world, it's forever my first and foremost duty to see that the people with me and around me are ever cared for and least disturbed if any inevitable as I live thru' my responsibilities.. 
  • Further if possible, I can be a little more helpful too to all those with/around me, beyond my duty sacrificing something from my side.. And if done with full dedication, such a discipline alone is ideal for me in this life!"
Keywords: interference, responsibility, nuisance


  1. Seldom does one realize one's own duty these days....

    1. Very rightly confirmed the content, Sunaina.. Thanks for the good comment!