Saturday, November 23, 2013

This 'Pride' changes the 'Facts' in no time!

Two friends once visited a miserly rich man at his Bungalow….

They had some conversations with him and in that context, the rich man boasted himself how he was careful all throughout out his life to make the huge fortune behind him….

“It starts everywhere…. When you can save a few rupees by traveling in a normal bus, why to take a luxury bus? I strictly followed a discipline here……”

“Further, if you break journeys enroute to see places, always a circular ticket helps…. I made full use of these where ever they were available…..”

“If you can stop eat outs, you know much one saves in life? My god! if you calculate, you will not believe that…..”

“It is many times not advisable to maintain your own vehicle…. Just use the cheapest transport available…. Any way, the public transport is dead cheap…”

“Whatever concessions you get in life, never leave them…. If you calculate the savings…….”

“Old is gold in life…. Never throw away any used item or give free…. They have their own price…. What is wrong in asking for that…......?”

The talk was endless…

One of the visitors smilingly said, ‘Sir! You might have saved really a fortune…. With your habits, your earlier job in your active days and with the cost of living around I am sure, you must be having 5 houses apart from the one occupied by you presently, 3 sites in the prime areas, bank deposits to the tune of Rs…. your Bank and Gold to the tune of Rs….. in your Locker….Am I correct?”

The rich man with a pride smiled and said, “ How can you say so precisely? You are right…. I hold today what all you said…. Take the saving habit from me, you too will do that in your life!”

The vistor friends took leave from him and were returning home….

The friend who was silent all the while could no more control himself and asked his friend, “Dear! I understand that the rich man made a lot of wealth in his life time…. But how is that you told so precisely what he holds today? I am not able to get it!”

The friend smiled and said, “ My dear! it is very easy to say this and even you can say that if you observe the rich man a little more carefully!”


“I just told some figures which are definitely on the higher side in each of his holdings…. But you see the man loves all these so much that he can never deny what you say when you say more..... It is impossible for him to think that he has less than that.... Here, he felt proud that I guessed far more and instantly okayed it to satisfy his own pride!”

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