Saturday, January 25, 2014

Philosophical Living is for Every one!

“What you constantly think and talk of.... How much do you think you are correct? I am seeing all these days that you talk so much on lines of Philosophy.... But after all this talk, we find that you too are doing the same activities like us and living your life.... See my Dear! There are / were only a few Great Saints in this world and practicing the 'Spiritual Life' is not for people like us who are normal humans as we cannot do it..... Instead it is better, we lead a normal life.... Else, you would be simply wasting your precious time and that of others ending up in nothing….” thus spoke angrily a man of mid thirties to his friend who all the time was advocating living the life on lines of the Spiritual Concepts….

The friend listened to him fully and in the end asked a question, “Do you mean to say that we can never and we should never look the direction of Spiritual Life at all?”

The man retorted, “No dear! We can always listen to the Great Men established in this direction because they 'Truly Know' and further teach 'Good' everywhere.... But after listening to all that, we should come back and be doing our  jobs again.... More than this, the Philosophical Approach is never for normal people like us….”

The friend said, “My dear! What you say may be the right way for those who like to do in that way, but is always limited by itself.... The 'Philosophy of Life' never highlighted any where saying… ‘Leave your works, duties and responsibilities and sit meditating!’ In fact, if some one understands it in that way,  he / she is totally wrong.... All Great Men have repeatedly reiterated that we should be doing our duties in this world without a break and continue to do them through out our life.... But as we thus do our duties, we should equally remember that there is always a ‘Quality’ attached to this doing.... It means.... How devotedly we do these activities, how impassionately we do them and how impartially we do them.....  And all Spiritual Practices basically drive an individual to exhibit this 'Quality' in their doings…. Tell me here, what is wrong with me if I thus understand my life through inculcation of the Right Spiritual Concepts and ultimately try to bring out this 'Quality' in my life?  You cannot stop me here saying....'Close that door and live your life.... This Learning is not for you!'  And if you are really doing that, you are the most cruel person in the world and a man of imposition....

Again when all this is wrongly understood by me, I often end up looking for earthly benefits in this line for my efforts voluntarily or involuntarily.... That surely becomes a trap and starts doing its own damages bringing in untold miseries in the lives of mine and others with me....  And exactly in such a situation, a few advantage seekers suddenly become active and make hay by keeping such gullible people under their grip.... Many times even a notorious bad man too may not cause such damages around..... And all such pitfalls have to be invariably avoided by me as I practice the Spiritual Discipline without an exception!”