Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Truth and Fallacy behind the thought, 'I live through my own Struggle!'....

The old time story says….

Once a man prayed to God for certain 'Help' in his life…. The 
God promised him in his dream that he would 'Help'....

The man waited for the 'Help'....  
Meanwhile,  'X', 'Y' and 'Z' came forward to help him.... The man smiled and said, “I don't need your help…. My God has promised me to give the 'Help!'”  They left him and went on their own works…. But no 'Help' came from the God....

He was unhappy and one day again prayed to God saying that he was not given the 'Help' promised by Him.... The
God appeared in his dream and said, “I sent my 'Help' through 'X', 'Y' and 'Z'…. You only refused it!”

The Parable reminds me of  my ever strange way of living on the Earth….

I constantly carry a thought with me that I do everything, I support myself through my plans and my doings and in the process whatever monies and other assets of life come to me alone rescue me as in this scenario I can buy what I want, express what I wish and do what I like…. 
Thus, I am constantly filled with the thought that I am all by myself through my own efforts and my precious possessions…. And with this dominant conviction in my mind, I forever would be seeing the minute faults of others very clearly remembering when, where and what way the other man had erred in respect of me and would be making an unending list of those in my mind.... And thus goes on this fine 'division' for ever and ever in my life....

No doubt, I have to work and support my living and this should go on till the last bit of my energy permits in my life…. But equally at the same time, the Fact remains in this World that.....

Also I live through the works of others,
In addition, I live through their goodness and
all along I live through their togetherness!

And at the back of this very Truth, is it not strange when I firmly ascertain the words.... 'I do my work; I live myself and I enjoy my life and it is my Right?'
These thoughts in me totally keep me off from the very concept of living the life as 'Whole' making it more and more 'Compartmentalized' and in the process, I ever forget the basic principle of the 'Right Living!' 

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