Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Funny Life....

###  "Your cleaning is bad.....  See, these glasses.... The material is still stuck inside" said the Hotel Owner angrily.....

"It's not me done that.... You have to ask my Colleague working here as he too does the cleaning...." retorted the man at the Cleaning Spot.... 

"How can you say that, so easily?"

"I never leave half done work.... Even if not washed fully, I always wipe out the excess material and make the glasses and plates look neat!  You cannot doubt me here!"

###  "I treat all my people equally and never show a difference there...."

"Oh!  You are Great!  How can you do that?"

"None of my people listen to what I say and never care for me.... I hate all of them equally!"

###  “What is the synonym for the word ‘married?” 


###  A man was involved in a two wheeler accident and there was a hit on his head.... He was advised slow movements in all activities including his Office Works for some time limiting active involvement.... Accordingly, he was slow for some time and everyone at his Work Spot had a feeling that he was recovering from a brain injury even though it was not that.... But it sure reinforced their thoughts when one day he was found carrying a Technical book on Computers borrowed from his Office Library for his daughter carefully at slow pace.... The name of the book was... 'The Artificial Intelligence!’

###  At a Research Institute, an Employee used to sit and sleep during working hrs.... When the Boss caught him one day red handed, he coolly replied, “Sir! I am in deep thinking and doing my Research!  I am very much on my job….”

The Boss listened and went away but the next day sent him a Memo which read, “We do not want the deep Thinkers on our jobs as we cannot physically compensate them as they are Worthless!”

###  “How did you cut your hand?”

“Oh! I was trying to cut a Cake holding it with one hand and the knife in the other.... As, it was difficult to cut the Piece, I alternately changed hands with the knife and the Cake and in the process, the knife slipped and fell on my hand!”

“Was the Cake so hard?”

“Yes! It was…. The Soap Cake is always hard, you know!”

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