Friday, April 11, 2014

Yes! The Earth is Round!

“Why are you carrying your mobile phone in top pocket at home too? It’s not good to have it close to the chest in front pocket…. You are retired, there are no urgencies for you and most of the time, you are at home…. Keep it in a safe place visible to you so that you can reach it the earliest you need it or it rings up….” thus advised the daughter her father one day morning quoting the health aspects involved….

The father felt a bit for her concern and instantly decided to follow the advice…. From the next day onwards, the phone was kept on his writing desk while at home and quickly found it to be quite convenient to make a call or answer a call while at home till on one of the days, he simply went out some distance, then only realized that the phone was forgotten, had to walk back and take it with him….

The discipline continued till on one more day the same thing repeated but at that point of time he could not come back and had to struggle to communicate with the convenience totally gone…..

“No, it had to be on the person else the forgetfulness can not be answered…. Let me keep it in the front pocket of the trouser…. That way it is away from the chest but still with me all along….” was the immediate decision of the elderly man….

It was working fine but had its own de-merit when on one fine day slipped from the pocket fell a bit hard on to the ground opening up instantly…. Of course, the instrument was rugged in nature and so was intact and could be quickly assembled back to the original condition….

“The back pocket is ideal for this…. Let me carry it there from now on wards….” was the then decision after the fall….

It worked fine, the instrument could not slip away except that while sitting anywhere it was a bit uncomfortable and the instrument was repeatedly under pressure…. But still it was away from the questionable area….

That was Sunday morning…. As usual, the gentleman got ready and was about to reach for his mobile…. Lo! It was no there…. Where is it gone? A quick search was made…. It was funny…. No where it could be seen…. Unfortunately, the instrument was kept in silent mode and so a quick call could not locate it in the house…. The gentleman was sure that it was in the house as the day before night he used the phone to make few calls from home…. Where did it vanish?

As the uneasy elderly man was looking here and there from his chair, suddenly he noticed in the dark corner through the open glass of the Washing Machine a dull glow of light coming up intermittently…. My God! Got it…. The instrument was silently glowing under few messages received for a while….

Thus, the phone finally reached the most interesting point being carried safely along with the clothes loaded into the washing machine and was about to be churned out with lots of water soon coming up submerging the clothes….

The next day morning, the dad was carrying his mobile firmly loaded into the top front pocket…. When just pointed, he smiled and said, “Whatever be the effects, when once we accept the instrument as part of our day to day life, this is the best place to carry it especially by me at this age… I love to carry my phone here alone all the time!”

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