Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Wisdom' in day to day Affairs....

A Financial Institution offered a man a certain loan facility with specific minimum monthly charges and yearly fee whether he made use of the Service or not…. The man was thrilled…. In no time, another standard Institution approached him and offered a similar facility with minimum charges / fee like the first one…. The man decided to have both the facilities as that meant good amount of loan money in his hand…. Thus both the facilities were being made use my the man in his day to day life….

In no time, the first Institution offered him an additional loan facility with higher loan drawing capacity but with similar conditions along with his existing facility…. The man quickly noticed that with so much loan at his disposal it is more a nuisance than of any genuine use and hence decided not go for it….

As the facility was delivered to his address and he received the post, the Institution deemed it as accepted, waited for the time and started deducting the minimum charges and other fees even though he was not using the same....

The man was upset at the attitude of the Institution and rang up them saying that as he was not interested in the facility and never gave in writing for the acceptance of the same, they cannot start deducting his monies for non use of the facility and requested them to withdraw the same and refund his money.... The Institution was firm saying that receipt through post was equivalent to accepting the facility and further they could not do anything on that…. The man soon understood the trick played on him but could do nothing to the powerful Institution….

He thought for a while and decided that the people will not listen so easily unless he comes out of a planned action in this context….
The next day, he phoned the Institution and said, "Ok! I will keep the two facilities of yours and start paying the monthly minimum and annual fees…. But I will not make use of your two facilities for more than this for all my purchases…. Instead; I use the other facility which is with me as on date for that purpose…. You may take the minimum and be happy…. I don’t mind loosing this much money regularly having got into this rather than make use of your facilities to the max!” 

The moment he conveyed his mind, the other side in no time came to his door and said, “ Sorry! For the trouble given to you…. We are immediately withdrawing this additional facility offered to you…. You please continue enjoying our earlier facility as usual make use of it fully for your benefit!”

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