Friday, February 14, 2014

The so called 'Best Service' around....

“You have been selected as one of our Esteemed Customers…. Please visit our Branch Office at………. and experience the Unique additional Customer Care...." was the message on the mobile phone....

The man was thrilled…. A long time pending issue with him needed a solution….. "It is a Special Attention now I am getting…. Let me get full clarification with this extra care from the Service Provider…." the man thought....

Accordingly on a particular day, he visited the Branch Office…. No doubt, what they said was a fact…. Knowing that he was their Esteemed Customer, h
e was instantly welcomed and was quickly lead into an A/C Chamber….

The area was neatly arranged….. Sofas to one side, where in the Customers were seated and on the opposite side, Help Desks 3 in number with a young man and young woman moving around to assist the activities…. 
In the Center, was a Table with beautiful Decorative Flowers on it along with a few News Papers and Magazines by the side…. The cool weather of the Chamber was truly relaxing for any one who just entered in getting off from the heat of outside…..

One of the Assistants politely offered Coffee for the man and he refused the same with a smile….

In no time, the man’s turn came, he was lead to one of the Desks and the gentleman at the Counter listened to the man in full about his pending problem, took his papers, went through them thoroughly for a while and said, “Sir! Everything is crystal clear here and yours is a straight forward case.... Please, bear with us for a few days…. We will get back to you…. Till that time you please relax…. Nothing to worry!” having said that he bid bye to his Esteemed Customer with a broad smile….

The man was quite relieved as his pending problem was thus fully taken care in no time…. He waited for a week… 
But, nothing great happened…. And his problem continued…. He was thus unhappy and was planning to ring up the concerned, the next working day….

That evening, the man was on his usual walk in the Park and after the walk, as he was resting there for a while, he overheard a few lines of conversation between two contemporary men of his age sitting a little away….

“I had the problem for a week…. I went to the Branch at …… and there was a big queue…. I had to wait for over an hr to get my turn…. But the waiting was worth…. The man at counter 12 is the right man to clarify to you on this…. I went to him, he in no time set right the issue in front of me and said, ‘Done!’ That all; my problem is resolved forever!"

"One more info for you.... When you enter the Main Building, never go on to the right into the A/c Room….That is not for us…. That is for a few VIP Customers…. I don’t know what they do there….”

As the man thought over, slowly it became evident to him that it was nothing but more of a 'Show' that was offered to him at the Branch Office without the real ‘Know-how’ with the people who were supposed to resolve his issue….. In that way, he got from the 'Exclusive Best Service' from the Service Provider losing the 'Truly Best Service' which the normal man was getting all the time….

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