Monday, February 17, 2014

The 'Cause' and the 'Effect'….

An elderly relative of a man met him one day at his Office on a casual visit.... After the close of Office hours, they both were returning home by walk as the distance was not much....

On the way, they passed through a big vegetable market.... “Sir! I‘ll buy a few vegetables for home to night and then we will go!” said the man and went to a very old person selling some green leaf and a few vegetables.... There, he bargained for quite some time over the prices and at length purchased the cheapest ones a small quantity….“These people are never fair in their prices..... That’s why I bargain to the root. After all, if not here, elsewhere? At least I am a king here!” thus he remarked and they started moving homewards….

As they approached the house, a neighbor of the man greeted him and asked for some thing.... The man instantly said, “No problem! I will see to that tomorrow!” and bid bye to the neighbor.... As the neighbor left, the man said with a mischievous smile, “This is how I have to manage here otherwise these people eat you out in no time. The trick is.... Just tell a lie and get away…. Else tell me, who has the patience to listen to all these stories of others and sort out their issues?”

They entered the house.... The family welcomed the elderly and after a few mutual enquiries, they both comforted themselves in the Living Room with some snacks and tea.... Suddenly, the younger son of the man approached the father and whispered something in his ears…. Immediately the man shouted at the boy.....

“No, No….It is a big waste of money.... I'll not allow this.... Do you know how much the trip costs? More over the places are not safe, I heard.... You will not go! Now don’t ask me about this a second time!” The boy left the place, totally disappointed. The man turned to the elderly visitor and said, “Sir! You know.... His school unnecessarily plans some trips here and there to make extra monies.... There is no great learning in all these trips.... It is simply a daylight robbery! I am very careful in all these proposals….”

They both discussed for a while a few routine issues and after an hour, the man bid bye to the visitor and went inside saying that he had to make an urgent phone call.... The elderly took leave from the family and came out of the house.... As he was leaving the premises, he overheard the man inside talking on the phone in a distinct tone..... “What? Even this attempt had failed? In fact, I was waiting for this moment.... I don’t know why Gods are so unkind to me.... I regularly visit Temples, offer Prayers and stick to all Sacred Practices.... I am doing all the charities systematically and help out people in need.... But still the Almighty is never kind to me! I was expecting at least some positive outcome in the present Venture and I could have at least saved, if not a fortune, a small sum... But even this had failed....The other day, I asked a small favor from my Boss. He promised me that he would surely look into that….But, he coolly forgot and till today there is no say on that!.... First of all, why should he promise at all? Every one is unfair to me and I don't know when the Lord would favor me....I really feel miserable and hopeless!”

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