Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Comedy of Errors....

###  A serious class was being conducted for the Commerce Students on Stock Markets.... The topic of discussion for the day was IPOs....The Instructor initiated the lecture and just casually asked the class, “Any one knows when a Company goes for an IPO?”

“When the Company funds are mis-used and spent away by the unscrupulous Management beyond a limit, to get the required Working Capital for running the minimum day to day business of the Company in the Financial Year, the Promoters go in for an IPO and raise funds from the public” was the instantaneous answer….

###  The members of a Management Office had a novel idea of improving their image.... Accordingly, a ‘Complaint Box’ was set up in front of their Office with a Caption, 'You are requested to give your Complaints without any hesitation.... We wish to genuinely attend to all of them and give you a trouble free Service!'

In a few days the box was full.... The Committee Members when glanced through the complaints made, soon found that they really had no idea of resolving the different issues brought out for a solution.... To circumvent this deficiency, they had another great idea, “Why not take suggestions from them to correct all these and capture the ideas?”; indeed a clever motive!

Accordingly a 'Suggestion Box' was set up by the side with a Caption, 'Your Valuable Suggestions for improvement are needed!' Next day itself the box was full…. When the Committee Members happily opened the Box, all the suggestions had one common message, 'We suggest change of the present Management!'

###  An Orator was invited to speak on the promotion of a Standard Sanitary Product which essentially was a replica of purity as the Manufacturers' claimed….He was given a paper just to read out as he might not know the subject in detail.... The man kept the same in his pocket, relaxed for a while and approached the dais....

As usual he made his beginning…. “…….Your good health forever is our primary concern.... For the same reason, our Product is made totally in a pure uncontaminated environment where we pay the highest attention for the basic hygiene…. In our ultra clean Laboratories where you do not find a speck of dust, we diligently….” and took out the chit given to him from his pocket and started reading.…"collect the dirty garbage from all the corners, segregate the same into the dry and the wet garbages, keep the dry one in a corner to dispose off at the end of the week, take the wet and further segregate all the green smelly portions…..”

At this point of time, the Manager ran to the dais, pulled the Speaker from there and saved the situation.... On enquiry, it was found that the Speaker carried a similar chit in his pocket to be given to his servant boy in his house before leaving which he forgot to do....

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