Monday, March 10, 2014

The 'Help' around....

A young man had a tough problem in life.... As he was trying his best to resolve the issue, his elder brother happened to visit him and helped him in that process.... The young man was highly relieved.... Subsequently, he encountered another conflicting issue.... That too had got his brother’s help in time!  Life went on that way and a few years passed by....

Suddenly the young man had the toughest problem with him and he thought that he was gone forever.... But strangely, the brother did not turn up but only made a verbal enquiry in respect of the difficulty the young man encountered.... The young man was really sad and felt that his brother did not really care for him.... He could somehow resolve the issue himself and was recovering from the damage.... After a few weeks, his brother visited him and made a personal enquiry regarding the problem....

The young man was really annoyed.... He straight away shot at him,  “You helped me so nicely on two occasions, what prevented you from coming to my rescue on this occasion which every one around felt as the toughest problem of my life?”

The brother smiled and told him thus, “Dear! You are totally mistaken.... We are only doing our jobs independently all the time and have to continue doing that way only.... Meaning, I never came to you to help you in a special way.... I was continuously doing my duty.... On two occasions, I happened to be with you, on the third; somewhere else....  And when I was with you, I did what was required at that moment; that's all.... Neither less nor more! 

If you truly understand, life is like a journey going on continuously.... Imagine, we are on an urgent errand and are traveling by train.... Suppose on the way, a co-passenger falls sick and the train is to be detained there for some time....   We still whole heartedly extend all our help required in that direction and never think of reaching our destination in time by neglecting the sick passenger!  But at the same time, none of the passengers will get off specially at an intermediate station to help out some one in need on the platform....  In a similar way I was doing my actions all these days and continue to do even now....” 

The young man was taken aback by the openness and clarity of thoughts of his brother!

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