Friday, March 28, 2014

Choice-less Actions….

“I don’t know in which direction I should act…. If I am taking care in one direction, certain problems I foresee…. Leaving that path, if I stick to another route, there are other problems…. If I simply stop doing all these, it is still a bigger problem.... I am confused on how to go ahead in my situation…. I need some advice!”

“Dear! You have presently certain basic issues in front of you, the issues surely have to be resolved at any cost and here keeping quite is never the right way…. Further, it is doubtless to say that these issues have to be resolved to the best of your abilities too….

In the first instance, I advise you not to decide your actions at the back of
 such a confused mind presently with you....,  A confused mind or an agitated mind never can perceive the right actions of life…. The best way here is to sit in a corner and ponder over for a while with a sincere question pointed at you alone…. Why am I here in this situation at this point of time?

If I spend a little time thus, it will be quickly evident to me that I am in this situation today, because I constantly deviated from my ‘Right Actions’ over a long period and it is high time I stop deviating thus and start living in the right way….

And that right way forever is…. Constantly remembering the 'Original Purpose' of all my actions; the more deeper I can perceive this 'Original Requirement'; the better would be the situation.... Thus, it is evident to me that I am for a purpose here this moment at this place…. Why not I start doing that 'Particular Action' straight away let what protests may come from around…. Here, I should manage all these hurdles nicely without yielding and at the same time without arguing on that….

If more protest comes from outside, I should be more strict in sticking to my actions till it is point of balance where in I perceive immediate physical threats…. If physical threats are imminent, let me pause till the threats subside and start actions once again with full vigor…. As I proceed thus in this direction, more and more grip I will have on the situation with every bit of 'Right Action' and soon in time the very initial protestors alone will be appreciating this 'My Royal Path!'

Thus alone you should be progressing in your life, with the discharge of these 'Choice-less Actions' all the time and that way, whatever may be the end result, Peace is sure the Gain!”

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